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Out equipment allows us to inspect solar panels on wind farms and other locations in half the time of an inspector. Using the latest XT camera on our Inspire drones we can look at in great detail using thermal imaging and allows us to inspect problem panels in double quick time.

Wind Turbines

Turbines and wind farms are not the easiest to inspect and have there own problems unique to the industry when attempting to inspect them. Because of the height and overall health and safety element this can prove both risky and difficult.

Again as with Solar inspection it can be not only time consuming but a lot of pre planning is required and this costs time and money. SkyDrone can operate the very latest in aerial photography and drone equipment to get this job done in half the time and half the cost.

Oil and Gas

Because of the breath taking size of some of the oil and gas sites it can take an inspection team many weeks if not months to inspect a site. With our drone technology we can look in detail using FLIR imaging and the latest in thermal imaging cameras for weak points.

Power Lines

Power lines inspection has historically been done using expensive helicopters. The SkyDrone team can again perform this critical service in half the time and half the cost both on time and within budget.

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